The Best Cathedrals and Churches in England

The UK is filled with cultural and historic places. And it doesn’t get more cultured or historic than age-old cathedrals and churches!

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Explore our list of the best cathedrals and churches in England. This includes grand structures in the capital and less well-known but equally beautiful churches. Take your loved one to one of these amazing locations for a day filled with wonder and history.

The Best Cathedrals in England

Make a full day out of it with a trip to one of the best cathedrals in the UK. These larger places of worship are the perfect place to spend time with an elderly loved one. They’re bound to love the buildings and their rich history.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most well-known cathedrals in England. It’s become an attraction in its own right, standing proud in the London skyline.Best Churches in England

This historic cathedral has sat on the highest point of the City of London for over 1,400 years! There have been multiple changes to the design since the original building, with the current and most famous iteration being built between 1675 and 1710.

Notable historic events at St Pauls Cathedral include Winston Churchill’s funeral, Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebrations and Prince Charles & Princess Diana’s wedding.

St Albans Cathedral

With its origins reaching way back to 283, St Albans Cathedral is filled with history. Much of the building’s structure dates back to Norman times, and since then it’s seen a lot of rebuilding and repairing.

Best Cathedrals in England

This beautiful cathedral really is a must-see, with the interior walls adorned with Victorian statues, amazing painted ceilings and Norman arches.

Sherborne Abbey

Starting as a Saxon Cathedral way back in 705, being used as a Benedictine church until 1539 and since then been a parish church, Sherborne Abbey is seen as one of the best English cathedrals. It’s survived many ages and features many architectural styles, from Saxon and Norman to Renaissance.

Sir Walter Raleigh even attended services here back in the day! And the stained glass windows are simply amazing.

Best English Churches

Cathedrals tend to be larger than churches, so for those looking for something on a smaller scale, visit some of the UK’s best churches! We’ve compiled a list of locations closeby to our Herts, Bucks and Dorset service areas.

Beautiful Churches in London

St Mary-le-Bow is a legendary location for Cockneys. The saying goes that those born within the sound of the Bow Bells are true Cockneys! Keep an ear out for their beautiful chimes whilst exploring this Cheapside gem.

Best Churches UK

By Steve Cadman from London, U.K. – St Mary-le-Bow, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Or visit St Martin-in-the-Fields to explore a truly breathtaking spot. Found on the corner Trafalgar Square, one of London’s most well-known areas, it’s been standing since Medieval times. Enjoy some home-cooked food at the unique Café in the Crypt, boasting a tombstone-lined floor and vaulted ceilings.

Best Churches in Bucks

Looking for somewhere small but welcoming? St. Leonards, found tucked away in the rolling Chiltern Hills, is a small listed church that’s full of character. With large ornate memorials, stained glass windows and stunning wood beams, it’s a must-see for those in the area.

St. Mary the Virgin is a larger church in Aylesbury. It’s the County Church for Bucks and dates way back to 1271! Visit this friendly location and soak in the architectural beauty, then stop off at the Refectory, the church’s very own cafe, or a hot drink and a bite to eat.

Top Historic Churches in Dorset

Although not technically in Dorset, Beaulieu Abbey in Hampshire is really closeby and too stunning to leave off this list. Explore age-old ruins, learn all about its history in the Domus and monastic life exhibition then enter the Beaulieu Parish church.

Beautiful Churches

By E Gammie, CC BY-SA 2.0,

St. Peter’s is culturally and physically at the heart of Bournemouth. The amazing gothic architecture is eye-catching with the tall spire being a well-known and much-loved feature of the Bournemouth skyline.

We’re lucky enough to be surrounded by hundreds of beautiful cathedrals and churches. And here at Abbots Care, we believe everyone should get the chance to explore these locations. With our specialist Home Care services, your loved one keeps the freedom to explore the country as they wish!

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