Live-In Carer Jobs

Live-In-Carer Jobs

With a live-in carer job at Abbots Care, you offer round the clock support for someone in need. It’s one of the most rewarding careers available, with carers playing such a big part in our customers’ lives. You help them however needed, from medical support to a friendly chat. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped someone in need.

What is a Live-In Carer

A live-in carer lives in the home of someone in need of care, allowing for 24-hour support. By living in the client’s home, you’re always there when needed so they feel safe and supported. And they get to retain the freedom and comfort of living in their own home so they can live their daily lives and focus on doing what they love.

Live-in carer job description

You’re there to offer dedicated support, day and night. A typical live-in carer job description includes:

  • Helping people to continue living in their home, safely and in comfort, being on-call 24-hours a day.
  • Giving care that would typically be given by close members of their own family, not including the responsibilities of a trained nurse.
  • Promoting a service user’s independence, in regards to their specific care plan and needs.
  • Working closely with a larger team of carers in order to meet a service user’s needs, including domestic, personal and social.

Live-in carer responsibilities and duties

What does a live-in carer do in their day to day job? There are three main ways an Abbots Care worker helps those in need with live-in care services.

Personal Care

In order for our service users to retain their freedom and dignity, live-in carers help with personal care. It may not seem like a big deal, but this is one of the most important ways we help. By supporting with things like getting dressed, washing and going to the toilet, our service users can go about their normal lives without worrying. You’ll also help to administer medication.

Domestic Support

Helping around the house is another big part of being a live-in carer. Completing daily chores and housework creates a clean living environment for those you’re looking after so they have one less thing to worry about. These tasks can be physically demanding for the elderly, so having someone there to take care of it makes a world of difference. Daily domestic tasks include cleaning clothes, dusting, vacuum cleaning, doing the dishes, preparing meals and running errands. If needed, you’ll help with their mobility around the house too like reaching things and helping them out of their seat.


Being a live-in carer also includes offering companionship. Whether it’s just sitting with them as they read or having a quick chat, getting to know services users is so important. At Abbots Care, we believe in creating a real bond. They’re not just our clients, but our friends.

Live-In-Carer Jobs | Abbots Care

Benefits of becoming a live-in carer

There are plenty of benefits of being a live-in carer. You meet amazing people and create lasting bonds whilst working. Some days you won’t even feel like you’re at work! Making a difference to someone’s life makes care work one of the most rewarding careers available.

All Abbots Care live-in carers can enjoy the following benefits and perks:

  • Flexible shifts and working hours
  • Free enhanced DBS check
  • Free uniform
  • Highest mileage pay in the industry at 40p per mile
  • Exclusive carer discounts on your favourite brands
  • 24/7 staff customer support
  • Dedicated support from head office
  • Fun socials and company team-building days
  • An amazing pension scheme
  • Update and refresher training all paid for
  • Plenty of career development opportunities
  • Free specialist training courses

How to become a live-in carer

If you’re interested in becoming a live-in carer, or already work in care and want to develop your career, explore our jobs section.

There are plenty of opportunities at Abbots Care to get stuck in with a live-in carer job. Simply apply online for a relevant role and we’ll be in touch! You don’t necessarily need any experience in care work to get a job with us, as we offer all the live-in carer training you’ll need to get started.

Once through our application process, we’ll send you on an in-depth, six-day induction training course. You’ll learn everything you need to know here. After completing the training, you’ll shadow care workers until you’re happy to work alone. It’s an easy process!

Become a care worker!

Interested in becoming a live-in carer? Explore current vacancies and apply online today. Looking for more info? Find out more about our induction training or learn about our recruitment process.

“I came over to England to try new things and went into care. Since starting in March 2017 I have found working for Abbots Care more rewarding and felt more accepted. I have built up a good relationship with the service users. I am so glad I came into this job it’s been the best experience ever.”


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