Celebrating a lifetime of compassionate care

At Abbots Care, we have the privilege of witnessing extraordinary dedication and compassion from our Care Workers every day. But this month as we join her in celebrating her 90th birthday and recent milestone of 24 years with Abbots,  we shine a spotlight on Shirley, a remarkable Care Worker whose journey into the world of care has been marked by unwavering commitment and heartfelt connections with her clients.

A journey of compassion

Shirley’s path into the care industry was driven by her true community spirit and the desire to make a positive impact. After raising her four children and being involved in community activities like Brownies, Shirley felt a deep calling to contribute further. Her journey began with fostering teenagers, where she discovered her passion for supporting others.

Finding joy in care

Shirley joined Abbots Care 24 years back and instantly felt at home, surrounded by a supportive work family.

What brings Shirley the most joy in her role? It’s the formation of genuine relationships with her clients, and the feeling of being truly valued. For Shirley, care isn’t just a job, it’s a source of fulfilment and purpose.

Creating a special bond with Robbie and supporting his passions

For 17 years, Shirley has been a constant source of support and companionship for Robbie, a vibrant member of the Abbots Care community. Despite the challenges Robbie faces, Shirley goes above and beyond to ensure he lives life to the fullest. From assisting with his daily care needs to actively participating in his hobbies, Shirley’s dedication is inspirational.

Robbie’s love for music, sports and community activities is wholeheartedly embraced by Shirley. Together, they spend their time enjoying everyday adventures from table tennis clubs, boccia tournaments to swimming sessions. They share moments of laughter over music and card games, which has led to not only a professional caring relationship but a genuine friendship built on mutual interests and respect.

A purposeful life

Shirley has described supporting Robbie as a calling that gives her life meaning. Beyond her home care role, Shirley remains deeply involved in her community, volunteering her time to help those in need. Whether it’s organising events, participating in charities or assisting people with disabilities, Shirley’s altruistic spirit knows no bounds.

“It’s the most rewarding and fulfilling job to be able to benefit the lives of others which enhances my own life.”

Words of wisdom

To those considering a career in care, Shirley offers invaluable advice. She emphasises the joy and fulfilment that comes from making a positive difference in others’ lives. With the support of a caring team and a shared sense of purpose, care work can be a rewarding journey of growth and impact.

For us, Shirley’s story highlights the profound impact of compassionate care in the community. Through her unwavering dedication to Robbie and countless others, she embodies the core values of Abbots Care.

Thank you Shirley for your unwavering dedication and compassionate heart.

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