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Team Spotlight: Care Advisor

As a Care Advisor Veiz is the first point of contact for our prospective new Clients, and brings a remarkable blend of empathy and professionalism to his role. His dedication […]

The benefits of water-based exercises

Water-based exercise offers numerous advantages, including muscle repair, mental wellbeing improvement and social opportunities. For our client Hannah, water therapy with her Care Worker and swim teacher is both enjoyable and beneficial for her wellbeing.

Caring for Someone with Dementia

Caring for someone with dementia is a journey that requires immense compassion, patience, and resilience. Dementia not only affects memory but also brings about a range of behavioural changes that […]

Sensory Activities for Children with Disabilities

For parents of children with disabilities, Easter represents a fantastic opportunity to plan some fun, inclusive activities that will brighten everyone’s day. From accessible easter egg hunts to messy play […]


Snack Selection for Safe and Effective Weight Gain in the Elderly

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for overall health and quality of life in older adults […]

Team Spotlight: Community Facilitator

Meet Abbots Care’s Health & Social Care Trainer, Rachael, who specialises in Mental Health. Rachael’s main responsibilities include being our Mental Health First Aider and training our teams on the […]

Mother’s Day Activities

Give the gift of time this Mother’s Day and do something you can enjoy together! Mother’s Day is about more than just gifts and cards. (They’re nice, though!) It’s an […]

Celebrating Shirley: A lifetime of compassionate care

When it comes to providing dedicated care and support for our loved ones, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Live-in care is a type of care arrangement where a professional care […]

Team Spotlight: Community Nurse Assessor

Katie, who is our registered nurse here at Abbots Care. Katie works alongside our training team to ensure our care workers receive the best training in order to provide the best service to our clients.

Flexibility and Freedom: Why Choose Elderly Live-in Care for Your Loved One?

As our loved ones age, their care needs often become more complex, requiring thoughtful consideration and planning. While traditional care homes are a viable option, there’s another compassionate and empowering […]

Abbots Care Awards 2023

On Wednesday, 8th November, we celebrated our annual Abbots Care Awards and what a wonderful evening it was!

Dementia and Christmas: Tips and advice

Christmas can be a stressful time for anyone. But for people living with dementia, the challenges – from disruptions to routine to overly noisy environments – can be particularly distressing. […]

Merry Christmas from everyone at Abbots Care!

Team Spotlight: Health & Social Care Trainer

Meet Abbots Care’s Health & Social Care Trainer, Rachael, who specialises in Mental Health. Rachael’s main responsibilities include being our Mental Health First Aider and training our teams on the […]

Michelle Dyson stands with Senior managers of Abbots Care

Director General for Adult Social Care shadows Homecare visits with Abbots Care Team

On Friday 3rd of November, Director General for Adult Social Care, Michelle Dyson paid a visit to Abbots Care, spending the morning seeing the ins and outs of delivering home care. 

Camille Leavold wins Executive Home Care Leader award

Camille Leavold, Managing Director and co-founder, Abbots Care has won the Executive Home Care Leader Award at this year’s Social Care Leadership Awards

The road to recovery: care after hospital discharge

When it comes to providing dedicated care and support for our loved ones, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Live-in care is a type of care arrangement where a professional care […]

Team Spotlight: Reablement & Specialist Care Manager

Meet Abbots Care’s Reablement & Specialist Care Manager, Jazz. Jazz is an essential part of the team and has been for the past 10 years. With many key responsibilities including […]

Who is Live-in Care For?

When it comes to providing dedicated care and support for our loved ones, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Live-in care is a type of care arrangement where a professional care […]

Team Spotlight: Care Worker Liaison Officers

Let’s take a couple minutes to ask four questions with team members Michelle and Alix to find out more about the all-important role of a Care Worker Liaison Officer. Explain […]

Heat wave top tips

As the temperature rises, we need to think of ways to stay safe and well in the heat. Heatstroke (sometimes known as heat hyperpyrexia) can affect anyone, but factors including […]

What does a Care Worker do?

Simply put, a Care Worker performs a range of tasks, depending on the needs of the person they care for. It could be medical assistance, helping out with housework, preparing […]

A guide to international recruitment – the risks and rewards

Camille Leavold, Managing Director and co-founder of Abbots Care was recently featured in Homecare Association’s magazine. In the article Camille discusses the international recruitment process

Bucks CQC inspection

Our Buckinghamshire branch has recently undergone a rigorous inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for the first time and we are happy to report we have secured a well-deserved […]

Music and dementia: the power of music

It also connects us to ourselves, linking to positive emotions, improving cognition, and stimulating memory – each crucial for people living with dementia.   Studies indicate that music can trigger emotional […]

The Social Care Conference 2023

On the 7th of June, Camille, MD of Abbots Care and the team attended The Social Care conference hosted by LaingBuisson events. The day commenced with insightful keynote speeches that […]

Embracing inclusivity: fun summer activities for all to enjoy

Whether you are looking to bridge a generational gap or find ways of including family members with complex care needs, we’ve put together some ideas to not only engage and entertain […]

Signs your loved one may need home care

Caring for a loved one can be a challenging and emotional task, especially when they are struggling with physical or cognitive issues that make it difficult for them to live […]

Team spotlight: Health and Social Care Trainer

Training is something we’re passionate about at Abbots Care, because we know our Care Workers make us the amazing service we are, bringing joy and independence to each and every […]

The benefits of getting outdoors for dementia

Most of us are aware of the benefits of spending a certain amount of time outdoors each week and try to fit this into our daily routines. The same is […]

A postcard with sunflowers on

Join the Abbots Care community sunflower challenge!

Why sunflowers? Not only are they beautiful, but they also have many benefits for both the environment and our well-being. Sunflowers attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, which are […]

Team Spotlight: Intake Manager

We asked team member Ryan some questions to find out more about the all-important role of an Intake Manager. Ryan plays a vital role in starting your home care journey […]

Team Spotlight: Live-in Care Worker

We sat down with team member Jasmine, to find out more about the all-important role of a Live-in Care Worker. We hope this short Q&A gives you a better insight […]

Home Care vs. Care Homes: The Difference Between Home Care and a Care Home

Are you choosing between home care or care homes for yourself or a loved one? Finding care for a family member or friend is an important decision that requires time, […]

Team Spotlight: Community Facilitator

Let’s take five minutes to ask team member Janine some questions to find out more about the all-important role of a Community Facilitator and her journey from being a Care […]

Team Spotlight: Home Care Worker

Let’s take five minutes to ask team member Alfredo some questions to find out more about the all-important role of a Care Worker. Can you tell us about your responsibilities […]

A man in a wheelchair under complex and specialist care at Abbots Care

Complex Care Services: What you need to know

What is Complex Care? The definition of Complex Care is “home care for those with long term healthcare needs”. With complex care we give your loved one specialist support to […]

Live-in care worker supporting a service user at home

Live-In Care Worker Jobs: What You Need to Know

A lifeline for service users, and a highly rewarding career, live-in care worker jobs require friendliness, compassion, and dedication. Sound like you? Working as a live-in carer is very rewarding. […]

Staying safe this winter

Staying safe this winter: 10 top tips

There are lots of simple tasks we can all take to keep ourselves and loved ones healthy and safe this winter.  From stocking up on warm clothing and slip-resistance shoes/slippers […]

A white neon sign that says 'Do something great'

Is care work one of the most compassionate jobs?

With reports of a social care crisis featuring regularly in the news, it can be easy to get the wrong idea about the realities of a career as a care […]

Promotional image for Abbots Care 2022 advent calendar with Christmas decorations

Abbots Care Advent Calendar 2022

The Abbots Care Advent Calendar is available to our whole community. Join us for some festive fun throughout December.

Abbots Care Providers at the Abbots Award Ceremony with trophies and certificates

Abbots Care Awards 2022

On Thursday 10th November we celebrated the Abbots Care Awards and what a wonderful evening it was! It was an evening for our Care Workers for all the hard work they do every day that makes Abbots Care the outstanding provider it is.

Team Spotlight: Care Coordinator

Super organised, fast-thinking and compassionate – that’s how we describe our team of dedicated Care Coordinators here at Abbots Care. Ensuring care is well-planned and delivered in a timely manner, […]

Abbots care celebrating 27 years in the home care industry

27 years of care : A Celebration of Abbots Care

From the beginning, Abbots Care has played a crucial part in the home care industry. This year, we celebrate 27 years in business and the amazing commitment to the community. In […]

An elderly person in their home sitting in an armchair supported by three care providers

Parliament Under-Secretary for Health and Social Care shadows home care visit with Abbots Care

Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department of Health and Social Care), MP Neil O’Brien spent the morning with Abbots Care on Thursday 13 October to see for himself home care delivered in the […]

Celebrating Success

Camille Leavold has been recgonised as one of the most influential leaders in home care. Abbots Care Co-Founder and Managing Director, Camille Leavold has been recognised in the  Home Care Insight […]

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Domiciliary Care Worker: A Day in the Life

If you could lift people’s sprits, just by showing up for work, would you do it? That’s literally what a domiciliary care worker does. But let’s delve deeper. Imagine knowing […]

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Carer Burnout: The Facts

A potentially devastating issue, carrying both physical and mental health implications, carer burnout is a genuine danger faced by carers. With effects including exhaustion, anxiety, and even high blood pressure, […]

An elderly person holding a ball with a care provider supporting them

How the Skills of a Care Worker Change Lives

The role of a care worker is a varied one; using a variety of amazing skills. And these skills change lives in a variety of ways. From empathy to dedication, […]

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Care Worker Jobs: The Amazing Difference a Care worker Can Make

Being a carer is more than a job. And care workers make a genuine – and genuinely amazing – difference to the lives of their service users. In fact, it’s […]

Signs your loved one may need live-in care

Caring for a loved one can be a challenging and emotional task, especially when they are struggling with physical or cognitive issues that make it difficult for them to live […]

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Qualities of a Care Worker: Do You Have Them?

Carers are worth their weight in gold. They provide support, both physical and emotional, and occupy a vital role in the lives of their service users; frequently going above and […]

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Why Abbots Care? Explaining our unique approach

It may seem obvious, but careers in care require people who care. After all, people are at the heart of the care sector; staff and service users alike. So, if […]

Live in carer Alexandra Oxford with Jazz scaled

How To Become A Care Worker

Are you looking to start a career as a Care Worker but are not sure where to start? With decades of experience in Health and Social care and relevant care […]


Caring for Carers: 5 Mental Health Support Tips for Carers

Carers are truly extraordinary people. They are. Selfless, devoted and utterly dedicated to supporting people. It takes a specific type of person to offer so much of themselves while looking […]

Elderly woman with a walking stick walking in a park

Combatting Loneliness in the Elderly

An underexposed, but highly pertinent issue in elder care, loneliness in the elderly is extremely serious, and can contribute to anxiety and depression, as well as drastically reducing overall wellbeing. […]

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How to Make a Memory Box

Memory is precious. And finding ways to reminisce with someone living with dementia can be incredibly soothing. Dementia can be an isolating experience; and it can be particularly stressful for […]

Camille and Deborah crop 1

Abbots Care Co-Founder Receives the first Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care Gold Award

Abbots Care Co-Founder and MD, Camille Leavold was rewarded the first ever Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care Gold Award. The awards were officially launched in May 2021 and mirrors […]

Healthy Eating Abbots Care scaled

What is Dementia?

Seeing a loved one struggle with Dementia can be difficult, but there are lots of ways you can help and support them in living a comfortable and fulfilling life. We […]

EOL scaled

End of Life Care: All you need to know

What is End of Life Care? End of Life or Palliative Care is the support and care given to those who are nearing the end of their lives, helping them […]

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What is Spinal Injury Care?

What is Spinal Injury Care? Spinal Injury Care is designed for those who have suffered an injury to their spine or spinal cord. Spinal injury care often involves one or […]

CQC inspected and rated outstanding RGB

Abbots Care Ltd Hertfordshire achieves Outstanding rating by CQC

Abbots Care Hertfordshire has received a fantastic report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC),  the independent regulator of health and social care in England. The Hertfordshire branch is rated as […]

Acts of Appreciation pic scaled

Abbots Care Ltd Launches Acts of Appreciation Campaign

The campaign aims to support the wellbeing of employees and boost moral throughout the workforce, alongside other staff initiatives recently launched by the company. Every month a coordinator from each […]

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Coping with Post Lockdown Anxiety

Lockdown restrictions have started to ease across the UK, and some of us are looking forward to getting back to routine and familiarity. But many people will also be feeling […]

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Dementia Awareness Week: Dementia Activities to do with your loved one

It’s Dementia Week and the perfect time to spread awareness about this life-changing affliction whilst showing support for anyone affected. So if you’re currently caring for someone with dementia during […]

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Keeping well during lockdown.

Tips for physical and mental wellbeing at during lockdown.  This year we have had to adapt to a slightly different life to the one we are used to, staying home […]

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How can a live-in carer support you and your relative?

Our friendly carers lend a helping hand so your loved one can live in their house and focus on doing what they love. Live-in care offers round-the-clock, 24-hour support. You […]

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Mental Health of a Care Worker

Mental health is a pertinent issue, becoming more recognised by the day. According to the Mental Health Foundation, every week one in six adults will experience some kind of mental […]

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The Top 6 Christmas Activities for the Elderly in Hertfordshire

The festive season is about having fun with friends and family. But you don’t have to be a spring chicken to get involved, so we’ve created a list of the […]

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Home Care at Christmas; How to Make the Season Enjoyable for All

The festive season is just around the corner, and whether you work in care, or have a loved one who receives care, you can never be too prepared. We’re not […]

buckinghamshire recruitment

So You Want to Become a Care Worker: What to Think About Next

In the UK today, there are over 1.34 million social care workers [1] – that’s an incredibly huge amount of adults who are choosing a health and social career. For […]

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Encouraging independence through home care

The conversation about independence is a frequent one around anyone being cared for, or who has a loved one receiving care. After all we’re all human; and we all want […]

blog recipe book

Abbots Care Recipe Guide

Eating healthy meals is important at any stage of life. Following a few nutritional guidelines every day will help you and your family stay healthy and allow those at any […]

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Why Is Dementia On The Rise?

GLOBAL RISE IN DEMENTIA A number of reports have recently suggested that dementia and other neurological diseases are on the rise, and not just in the western world but globally. […]

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How To Become A Care Assistant

With the rise in dementia and other neurological conditions as well as an ageing population, the health and care sector is one area where demand is rapidly increasing and set […]

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How Can a Home Care Worker Help Me?

Over recent decades, demand for home care services in the United Kingdom has increased significantly. In fact, according to the latest figures published by the King’s Fund, more than 350,000 older […]

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Caring for the Carers

People are living longer than ever, which is a great thing, as it means loved ones get to spend more time together. However, it does also mean that the number […]

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Why Home Care is the Best Option for Elderly Couples

It is well-established that the UK’s ageing population has led to a rise in instances of dementia and other complex, long-term health conditions. This, in turn, has increased hospital admissions and placed […]

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There’s No Place Like Home

Each year, especially in the winter months, we see headlines about NHS resources being stretched to breaking point, and the system being unable to adequately cope with hospital admissions. These […]

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Learning Disability Nursing; Is it under threat?

Much has been written about the current state of social care and the crisis facing the National Health Service. However, one problem which has flown under the radar with many […]

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New BBC Drama “Care” Is Making Headlines

A standalone 90-minute drama from the BBC, entitled ‘Care’, has attracted widespread praise for its portrayal of the struggle that many families are faced with when a loved one falls […]


Examining Means Testing & Additional Financial Aid for In-Home Care

For many elderly and disabled people, in-home care is the best solution for their long-term care needs, as it means they are able to maintain a degree of personal independence […]

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Feeling Stuck In The Middle?

In recent years, those in the care sector have become increasingly concerned about a phenomenon known as ‘sandwich care’ and it is estimated that there are now 2.4 million sandwich […]

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Is It Time For a Complete Restructure of Our Care System?

The National Health Service is facing a health and social care crisis at present, and the challenge is primarily caused by the fact that people are living longer than ever […]

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How to Find the Right Round-the-Clock Home Care Support

Finding the right round-the-clock home care support is extremely important for those who require help around the house, but it is also a process that needs to be undertaken carefully. […]

Five Abbots Care providers holding hands

The Right Career Path in Home Care

Social care is an extremely rewarding career path, and one that is also becoming increasingly important in the United Kingdom, where an ageing population and increased strains on the National […]

A team picture of Abbots Care staff at an event in a field

Newsletter Spring/Summer 2018

Hello, Camille Leavold, Managing Director/Co-Founder After a cold and snowy winter, Spring has definitely sprung in Hertfordshire. We’ve had a really busy start to the year with 61 new care […]

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Gender Pay Gap

Abbots Care is committed to displaying with full transparency the diversity they show throughout their recruitment process. The focus is not just on gender for equal pay and benefits but […]

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Recruitment and Retention – with bells and whistles!

The secret to success of any small business are their people. Our mantra, at Abbots Care has always been “find good people, pay them well, value them, offer endless training […]

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Falls Prevention Programme

After the festive season, winter time can not only feel a bit depressing, but frosty mornings, reduced daylight, ice and snow can increase the risk of physical injuries by falls, especially for the elderly. ..