Team Spotlight: Community Facilitator

What's it like being a Community Facilitator?

Let’s take five minutes to ask team member Janine some questions to find out more about the all-important role of a Community Facilitator and her journey from being a Care Worker to progressing into her current role as a Community Facilitator.

Can you tell us about your responsibilities as a Community Facilitator?

It’s such a varied role! As a Community Facilitator for Abbots Care, I am responsible for overseeing a team of care workers and building relationships in our community to ensure we deliver a high standard of care.  My responsibilities include assessing individuals and formulating bespoke care plans, completing regular reviews for our Service Users, and observing and monitoring care in the community. 

I am also responsible for ensuring all new employees are fully competent before they are signed off to deliver care in the community.

What is a day in the life of a Community Facilitator like?

With no two days the same, I love that I get to meet new people every day taking time to understand their needs and put a plan together that supports those needs.  I also enjoy welcoming people when they join the Abbots Care community, whether they are a new Service User or member of our care team.

On a typical day, I spend time both in the community and in the office to manage the care process from start to finish, which involves liaising with care teams and support office staff to help things run smoothly.  I work 5 days a week with an additional Saturday every other week delivering care.

How did you get into the care industry?

I wanted a change in career and decided to become a Care Worker.   I have been with Abbots Care since 2019 and have built such strong relationships with Service Users and my colleagues. I have recently progressed in my career from Care Worker to Community Facilitator and am very happy in my new role.

What made you want to progress from a Care Worker to Community Facilitator role?

I was recognised by my colleagues who thought I would be great in this role, so I thought I would try and, so far, I am loving being a Community Facilitator and growing in my role within the Abbots Care family.

A woman with a trophy and certificate celebrating the Abbots Care Awards

I am grateful for the supportive team I have around me and being able to help both our Service Users and Care Workers. Abbots Care really is one big family.

What 3 skills would you say are key to being successful in this role?

I would say you must be caring, patient and have good communication skills.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love spending time with family! Going on walks or just getting in the garden when the weather is nice, it’s all about making memories.

Can you tell us any challenges you face as a Community Facilitator?

Every day is different and your work day can change quickly, which can present lots of different challenges. However, this can also be a positive as you’re not doing the same thing every day!

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