Innovation and wellbeing at Abbots Care

Our commitment to innovation in care

Our commitment to innovation in care is not just a company value, it is a cornerstone of our philosophy and is embedded in everything we do.

The health and social care industry is constantly evolving and at Abbots Care, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of these changes. This means investing in new technologies, practices and tools to ensure we are always taking steps to improve our CQC-rated outstanding home care services and support the wellbeing of our service users, care team and support staff.

It’s important to note when choosing a care service that the CQC does not regulate care companies that act as introductory agents and are known as non-regulated services.

Our community-minded wellbeing app

We are particularly proud of our community-minded wellbeing app that has been specifically developed for the home care workforce.

Created by our Managing Director and Co-Founder, Camille Leavold, who after witnessing the feelings of isolation often experienced by Care Workers (and how this heightened in the wake of the pandemic) designed the app with the aim of supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of those who work in this demanding and rewarding field. 

Since its launch, we can honestly say that the Abbots Care wellbeing app has made a huge impact not only in the way our people and company communicate but our culture and team motivation as a whole – which is no mean feat when you employ a remote workforce of over 400 people!

The app is available to all employees from the day they start with Abbots Care and is theirs to use as much as they need.

Key features of our app include

1. Check-in how you’re feeling

One of the key features of the app is the ability for our care staff to check-in and report on their feelings, if they wish – this could be work or home related. This not only allows our care staff to track their own wellbeing and identify any areas that may need extra support but helps us understand how our workforce is feeling as a whole.

2. Praise and support co-workers

The app also provides a platform for our care staff to praise and support their co-workers, which we feel is a very important feature when it comes to a largely independent job role. We believe that this feature fosters a positive and supportive work environment and encourages a sense of community among our teams.

3. Receive rewards

Care staff can earn rewards for using the app regularly and engaging in activities that promote their wellbeing. This provides an extra incentive for Care Workers to prioritise their wellbeing and maintain good habits.

4. General advice

In addition to tracking and supporting wellbeing, the app also provides general advice and guidance on maintaining good mental health. This includes tips on managing stress, improving sleep, and practicing self-care.

5. Service User feedback

Finally, the app allows our care staff to share feedback from Service Users. Not only does this boost morale, but provides our teams valuable insight into their work, helping them to understand the impact they are having on the lives of those for whom they care.

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