The road to recovery: care after hospital discharge

Coming out of hospital is a big step. It’s always a relief to be back in familiar surroundings, but if you or your loved one have had surgery or other major treatment, continued care is likely to be essential. In this article we’ll look at the options for care after hospital discharge, including home care services where a professional Care Worker visits you as often as you need, and live-in care services where a full-time Care Worker lives with you and can offer 24-hour support.

Why is post-operative care so important?

After surgery, many people need extra help with self care tasks such as bathing, dressing and cooking. Mobility may also be an issue, with support needed for everyday activities like moving around the house, getting in and out of bed and using assistive devices like walkers or crutches. Then there are chores like going to the shops or walking the dog, which might not be possible while recovering from surgery.

Care after hospital discharge can help with all of these tasks and more. Home Care Workers can also help with important things like making sure medication is taken as prescribed or encouraging you to keep up with daily exercises.

It can be a worrying time for family members and loved ones who can’t offer live-in support. Having a professional Care Worker can provide that important assurance that they are okay. And for the person coming out of hospital, having regular contact with a Care Worker can build up their confidence, keep them occupied and boost their mental health.

Visiting care

If your loved one needs some extra care after hospital discharge but doesn’t require round-the-clock support, visiting care services can work really well. How often the Care Worker visits is up to you and can be based on individual needs after surgery. Visiting care can be a temporary arrangement while your loved one recovers from your operation, or can be permanent if they have longer-term needs.

Live-in care

After a hospital stay, some people require round-the-clock care, with support during the day and night. Live-in care services, where a full-time Care Worker lives with you in your home, can be the best option for people who would prefer not to leave their home to live in residential care. Your loved one will benefit from one-to-one support with a professional Care Worker who will get to know them well, and the daytime and overnight care is completely tailored to their needs.

Catering for complex care

After coming out of hospital, some people have care needs that are more complex and require specialist support. In many cases, it is still possible for people to receive advanced care after hospital discharge in their own homes. Specialist complex care services can include BiPAP or CPAP ventilation, continence care, PEG tube feeding, tracheostomy care and ongoing support for people with long-term conditions, injuries or disabilities.


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