Kate’s story

Kate embarked on the search for suitable care for her Mum after a challenging experience with a residential care home during the early days of COVID lockdown.  Following a recent move to a new area and the bereavement following her father’s passing, Kate’s Mum, who has dementia, faced significant wellbeing challenges, particularly in adapting to changes.

Discovering live-in care services from Abbots Care

Having knowledge of live-in care through her role as a GP, Kate decided that this could be the optimal solution for her Mum’s complex needs. Recognising the importance of a familiar environment, Kate sought a suitable two-bedroom flat and chose Abbots Care as a comprehensive care package provider.

Creating a person-centred package of care

When we met with Kate and through an assessment of Kate’s mum, we worked together to create a care plan that not only addressed the essential support for Kate’s Mum, including personal care, meals, and medication, but to provide value companionship. This approach helped us to support the family so that Kate’s Mum received dedicated one-to-one care 24 hours a day, promoting stability and wellbeing.  We selected a care team based on their specific dementia training and experience of the condition.

The live-in care arrangement not only addressed the immediate care needs of Kate’s Mum but also provides flexibility for Kate and her family members to visit whenever they wish. This has been a crucial aspect for Kate, offering peace of mind and the assurance that her Mum is receiving personalised and attentive care.


Kate’s journey highlights the positive impact of live-in care in providing holistic support for her Mum’s complex needs. Abbots Care’s complete care package has not only addressed immediate care requirements but has also offered Kate and her family the reassurance and flexibility they need to support and connect with their loved one.

For the past 18 months, Kate has entrusted her Mum’s care to Abbots Care, seeking a more consistent and reliable solution.

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