Nina’s story

Nina has always wanted to continue living in her own home rather than opting for residential care. After a fall that led to hospitalisation, Nina’s family and healthcare professionals had concerns about her ability to live independently. Moving to a care home seemed imminent, prompting the family to explore alternative solutions. Unfamiliar with live-in care, they were eager to understand how it could work for Nina, given her unique needs.

Discovering live-in care services from Abbots Care

Having spoken to our team and learned that live-in care was a viable option, the family decided to pursue it without hesitation. The goal was to empower Nina to stay connected with her community, enjoy her garden and have the flexibility to see friends whenever she wished.

Creating a person-centred package of care

We worked with Nina and her family to create a person-centred care plan that focused on Nina’s goals, aspirations and needs.

This involved a comprehensive assessment of her physical, emotional and social needs, supplemented by ongoing consultations with her family to understand their collective expectations and insights.

Together, we identified specific goals ranging from maintaining connections in her community to enjoying her beloved garden. Tailoring a care package, we carefully selected dedicated care workers, including Angela and Karlene, who played instrumental roles in ensuring Nina’s well-being. With a flexible care schedule accommodating her preferences regular reviews and open communication channels, the care plan aimed not only to address Nina’s immediate needs but also to support her independence, fulfilment and a strong connection to her community and personal interests.


The impact of live-in care on Nina’s life has been transformative. With the support of our care team, Nina has regained her  independence and happiness. She has been able to resume activities like attending church and her family have described live-in care as instrumental in bringing laughter and joy back into her life. Nina has also had the opportunity to experiment and enjoy new foods and cultures with her care workers while sharing delightful meals together.


“The impact live-in care has had not only on Mum’s life but also on my life is immense, I was constantly receiving calls from mum as she had fallen or needed help but now I know she is safe which is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and we have a much better relationship because of it. Angela and Karlene are not just care workers they are now part of our family and everyone has grown so fond of them.”

Nina’s daughter

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