Bucks care team

Hey Bucks team! Need to know when your next hub is? Or who's who in central support? Read on for up-to-date information...

Your central support team directory

Tel no. 01727891004 – press option 0


Community Facilitator Manager: Theresa Russell

Senior Compliance & Complaints Officer: Maria Bartlett

Community Facilitator: Lydia Doyle

Tel no. 01727891004 – press option 0


Your Care Coordinator is here to support your day-to-day work in the community, helping to delivery quality and timely care.  They are your first port of call during your care rounds.



Registered Branch Manager: Jazzmine Mace

Customer Service Manager: Jane Munyonga

Team Leader/ Coordinator: Miruna Mateias


Support at home: Katie Tomkinson


Tel no. 01727891004 – press option 0


Our employee liaison team is  here to make sure you’re receiving the very best support and are happy engaged and ready to carry out your role in the community. You can contact them at any time or visit them at our hubs.



Michelle Dockree 

Alix Harvey 

Sydney Price


Visit our blog post to meet the team here.

For all enquries, please email in the first instance to payroll@abbotscare.com

Tel no. 01727891004 – press option 4


The Payroll Team are here to ensure we are paid correctly and on schedule. They handle payroll processing, deductions, tax compliance and provide support for any payroll-related enquiries or concerns.


Finance Director: Marie Ostler

Payroll Team Leader: Cleo Keyte

Payroll Apprentice: Monique Eyenga

Accounts Assistant: Paula Osolos

Tel no. 01727891004 – press option 5


The HR and Recruitment Team is a valuable resource for employees, providing guidance and support across various aspects of the employee lifecycle. They handle recruitment, onboarding, benefits administration, performance management and are here to assist you with any HR-related needs and concerns.



HR Team

Head of People & Culture: Kavya Andersen-Tuffnell 

HR Advisor: Jack Dimery



Recruitment Team

Recruitment Team Leader: Amber Foster

Recruitment Executive: Yoda Andrews

Recruitment Assistant: Macey Price 

Tel no. 01727891004 – press option 6


The Marketing Team drives the Abbots Care brand by developing creative campaigns, execute marketing strategies, conduct market research, manage digital and traditional advertising, Their efforts aim to enhance brand visibility, generate leads, and support the overall growth and success of our business.


Head of Marketing: Naomi Kichenside

Marketing Manager: Vicki Clark

Marketing Executive: Millie Leavold 

Marketing Assistant: Niki Ioannou

The 6 R's of Medication Administration:

Need to book holiday?

Please email holiday@abbotscare.com to receive your booking form.

Your local hub info

We’re working on bringing a care team hub to your area.  But you can still order PPE through your Care Worker Liaison Team. They’ll be happy to assist you in obtaining the necessary supplies to ensure your safety and the wellbeing of those in your care. 

Our care team hubs are central locations for care teams to collect PPE, order uniforms, connect with colleagues, access central support and enjoy a well-deserved tea break. It’s a convenient, collaborative and supportive space designed to enhance your experience as a valued member of our team.

Abbots Care Academy

Learning and support dedicated to your career in care.

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“The Care staff that are supporting my Mum through her care needs are extremely lovely and supportive. Our Mum has cancer and she is receiving the most excellent and caring support from all Staff. We would just like to say a huge thank you as we know that there is more difficult times ahead for us as a family. ”

Child of Service User, Buckinghamshire Branch

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