Respite Carer Jobs

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Caring for a relative is a full-time job, and people often need a break. This is where a respite carer comes in. Their job is to provide all-important temporary help whilst the primary caregiver, whether it’s a professional or family member, isn’t around. Respite care jobs are rewarding, as carers help those in need and support families.

Read on for more information on jobs in respite care.

What is a Respite Carer?

So, what is a respite carer? With a respite care job, you offer temporary care when the primary caregiver isn’t available. This can be covering for a professional care worker, or for a family member who acts as the primary caregiver. You cover short-term breaks, whether it’s due to a holiday, an emergency or any other reason. Respite carers offer the exact same service as a normal home carer, just on a temporary basis. They’re qualified, trained and compassionate professionals whose main goal is to make sure clients are safe, healthy and comfortable in their own home.

What does a Respite care worker do?

The roles and responsibilities of respite care workare the same as a live-in or home care worker, with specific duties depending on each client. They come in as a temporary relief and work to maintain quality care for anyone who needs support, including the elderly and adults and children with disabilities.

Respite care worker job description

The exact description will vary from role to role, but a typical respite care worker job description is along the lines of:

    • Helping people to keep living in their home, allowing them to always feel safe and comfortable.
    • Offering care that would be usually given by a member of the close family. Not including the duties of a trained nurse.
    • Keeping a client’s bespoke care plan in mind to ensure their independence, comfort and health.
    • Working closely with the family and previous carer, as well as a larger team of carers to meet their domestic, personal, and social needs.
    • Working for a specific period on a temporary basis, anywhere from one day to a few weeks.

Respite Carer responsibilities and duties

So, what does a respite carer do as part of their day to day job? The three main roles and responsibilities of an Abbots Care worker are:

Personal Care

Respite workers help with personal care so our service users can keep their freedom and dignity. This is one of the most important ways that we help. Supporting with things like getting dressed, washing and going to the toilet means our service users can live their normal lives with one less thing to worry about. And you’ll assist with administering medication too.

Domestic Support

Another massive part of respite care work is helping around the house. Tackling daily tasks may seem simple, but it allows our clients to spend more time doing whatever they love. Carrying out housework also creates a clean-living space so service users can feel fully comfortable in their home. These tasks can be physically demanding for some, so taking care of the house makes a world of difference. Daily domestic tasks may include cleaning clothes, vacuuming, dusting, doing the dishes, running errands and even preparing meals. Respite carer jobs also include helping those with reduced mobility around the house.


 Offering companionship is another main task of a respite carer. From just sitting with them as they watch the TV or read to having a quick chat, here at Abbots Care we believe in creating a real, compassionate relationship. Yes, they’re our clients, but they’re our friends too.

Benefits of being a Respite Carer

There’s a long list of benefits when it comes to being a respite carer. You get to meet and spend time with some amazing people, creating lasting bonds along the way. And you make a real difference to people’s lives, making for a truly rewarding career. Listening to stories from times gone by, helping those you’re caring for reminisce. On some days, it won’t even feel like work!

All of our Abbots Care respite carers enjoy the following perks and benefits:

  • Flexible working hours and shifts
  • A free enhanced DBS check
  • Free uniform
  • 40p per mile – the highest mileage pay in the industry!
  • Exclusive discounts on your favourite brands
  • 24/7 staff customer support
  • Dedicated support from head office
  • Company team-building days and fun socials
  • A great pension scheme
  • Paid for update and refresher training
  • Plenty of career development opportunities
  • Free specialist training courses

Respite care work not only benefits those in receipt of the care, but also your career too.

How to get a Respite Carer job

Explore our care jobs section to find out more about our respite vacancies, or to find another home care job. We have plenty of opportunities for everyone, whether you’re starting your career or looking for your next role.

Apply online for your chosen role and we’ll get in touch, it’s that simple. With a job as a respite carer, you don’t necessarily need previous experience. We give you all the training needed to get started.

Once you’ve completed the application process, you’ll go on an in-depth, six-day induction course where you’ll learn everything you need to know. After completing the training, you shadow experienced carers on the job until you’re happy to work on your own.

Respite Carer Qualifications

We offer training on the job, so you earn all the necessary respite care qualifications during the start of your employment. We also offer paid-for refresher training to keep all carers up to date. And you can choose from a number of free specialist training sessions too.

Respite carer jobs at Abbots Care

If you’re interested in joining the Abbots Care team as a respite care worker, you can explore our current vacancies to find your next job!

“I came over to England to try new things and went into care. Since starting in March 2017 I have found working for Abbots Care more rewarding and felt more accepted. I have built up a good relationship with the service users. I am so glad I came into this job it’s been the best experience ever.”


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