Our story

Abbots Care Co-Founders, Camille and her Mum Stephanie smiling together

Throughout my childhood my Mum, Stephanie (co-Founder of Abbots Care), was passionate about care. Working firstly with people with learning disabilities at a local NHS hospital before qualifying as a Nurse Manager and working with children’s respite service.

My sister and I also worked in the care sector in different roles and all of us felt frustrated with the way the agencies we worked for were run. No training was offered, and no one knew who could do what, with a drive for money over quality.

With no funding but a whole lot of heart and drive, we started Abbots Care. Initially, we were our own Care Workers and unpaid managers, while we set the business up. We recruited and trained a team of people as we secured the NHS (via continuing care) as our first client!

Times have changed and so have our circumstances, with Naomi leaving in 2012 to pursue her earlier dream of becoming a nurse and mum semi-retiring, leaving me at the helm. From our humble beginnings I now find myself Managing Director responsible for supporting almost 1000 customers and some 500 care workers.

I can honestly say that from 1995 until today, we at Abbots Care Ltd. have put our service users in charge of their own choices, worked to further educate and qualify ourselves and our employees, and sincerely care about the people who we have a responsibility to, and we always will.

Camille Leavold

Managing Director and Co-Founder, Abbots Care

“The Care staff that are supporting my Mum through her care needs are extremely lovely and supportive. Our Mum has cancer and she is receiving the most excellent and caring support from all Staff. We would just like to say a huge thank you as we know that there is more difficult times ahead for us as a family.”

Child of Service User, Buckinghamshire Branch